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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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well revelations from cia contractor edward snowden are exposed the u.s. has been bugging and solder monitoring e.u. institutions in brussels washington and new york. riots rage in egypt at least three people were killed by supporters and opponents of president morsi crash . to come. south african riot police crackdown on protesting crowds fierce with u.s. policies as president obama tours the continent to boost trade ties.
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from our studios here in moscow this is. new reports of u.s. surveillance are emerging from a german publication of edward snowden there spiegel magazine reporters claim they've seen a top secret u.s. documents outlining how the country's intelligence bugged the e.u. offices and spied on the block's internal computer networks. has more. what's the the the documents that says that they received through edward snowden were able to see part of says is that the national security agency were well spying on the e.u. just about everywhere they could that they were targeting phones they were hacking computer networks at the un in washington d.c. also that they were booking premises in brussels and carrying out the same type of . phone tapping and computer hacking there as well germany came out is one of the
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countries that was most bite on as part of this prism operation by the n.s.a. something that raised a few eyebrows and certainly posed a few questions when chancellor angela merkel met with president barack obama a little while ago now what we're also seeing is that it's the same type of thing as this came out regarding the booking of then president dmitri medvedev so it seems that no matter who you work wherever you were you were subject to wire taps and computer hacking and having your premises bugged by the n.s.a. that one interesting part of this article says that it quote saying that the e.u. were a target a definite target for this type of surveillance and also says that five years ago the e.u. itself had looked into phone calls that had been made to them had traced phone calls apparently back to a n.s.a.
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office that was based inside the nato compound in brussels so they certainly had suspected that they were under surveillance but it's a very different thing suspecting that somebody is watching you to then finding out through these type of leaked documents that they certainly were watching you and just how closely they were watching you indeed when r.t.r. slow day for news to former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament why the u.s. selected the e.u.'s close ally as a target. my educated guess is that this has or having to do with economic spying on the e.u. you know that the e.u. is for the moment negotiating a new free trade agreement the us well you have all the interest to know what you know poland it's already discussing internally off strategy that is one of the possibilities but this has been going on apparently for more than five years it traces back to dine from nato headquarters while this even goes here decades further into the show called echelon program from the seventy's the e.u.'s for
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example is stronger than ever militarily even technologically i mean the internet is an american invention but on the economic level it is losing ground everywhere the brics countries there are doing the e.u. is adding strong which i would rush to after come in latin america and the u.s. doesn't seem to get its economic. priorities imposed as it used to so what i see here and here is a big risk for economic spying is where leaked diplomatic correspondence on ecuadorian government suggests that jinnah's sons may have been pulling strings at the country's london embassy to help edward snowden they claim that there were leaks founder asked the consul that issue a safe travel pass document for snowden which is not authorized by the country's government artie's within a culture never is on a story. the wall street journal has recently published information containing
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diplomatic correspondence with the door and government and particularly there was information concerning one ecuadorian diplomat who works at the country's embassy in london it was the diplomat who issued the controversial travel document for mr snowden and that's a later sparked a lot of debate now according to the car despondence the diplomat who works closely with the juliana silence and that information really provoked a lot of thoughts that mr sunshine could be perceived as running the show in that queer door and he could actually be in the middle of handling the situation mr assange said that all that are just another times to really take away the turn showing from the c. rist exposures there were made to boy mr snowden and really the same comments came from ecuador and the president are afraid of god rather sad the odds to mr
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snowden's exposures are serious and very important and that they once again shed some light on the massive u.s. spying out for days now we're going to have to explain our actions but we're not the ones spying on people because they said we have provided snowden with a document for travel now it is a problem for them and not what snowden actually revealed about cyber spying cases do you realize the trav they want to fall into what is really serious is snowden's whistle blowing it out there were also reports that door and president carter a out has held talks with the u.s. vice president joe biden however it was revealed that rare has not yet made up his mind on snowden's asylum application it is impossible for mr edward snowden to actually leave the sherif mansour international airport which is based here in moscow and the u.s. government has read. his passport which means that he neither can get
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a russian visa to actually leave the airport nor can he if the are radically bly any tickets to have vanno or appledore so however as the story develops now the vinous well young president nicolas maduro will arrive in moscow on monday and that there are some speculations that his upcoming visit may actually resolve the situation in a way and meanwhile the whistleblowers father believes that snowden would return to america under certain conditions on those terms in a letter to the u.s. attorney general that he snowden says his son should not be detained before trial or subjected to a gag order he also declared that his son should be allowed to choose where the court proceedings will take place with the snow to admits that he hasn't spoken to edward since april and insists that while the x. cia contractor who did the crime he's not a traitor thirty year old whistleblower hasn't been seen since he touched down in
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russia at it this week and will be closely watching his future in or out of russia bringing you all the way to stop dates on there and of course on our web site r.t. dot com. arsons have been demonstrating at her square in cairo demanding president mohamed mursi steps down crowds are gearing up for a massive un to mercy rally on sunday which will mark the islamist leader's one year anniversary in office earlier there were reports of deadly riots between supporters and opponents of course the country clashes have already killed several egyptians and an american national in alexandria auntie's both true reports. the
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worst clashes were in egypt's coastal city of alexandria where we saw two people dead including one u.s. citizen the u.s. embassy for their part have removed all non-essential staff in the that this could be a targeted attack in addition president of pharma came out calling for dialogue between opposition forces and the president saying we must have a united stand the marines the u.s. marines reportedly have come up with a contingency plan should the violence continue against u.s. citizens so to me i saw in protests people ripping posters of u.s. buses at the cairo and five percent saying the mission brotherhood or the president tales from is definitely following a u.s. agenda civilian grassroots campaign called commodity which means rebel who collected at least eighteen million signatures calling for the president to step down they say he's incapable of running the country we've seen no change in the
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last year the islamists for their part those who support the president say that all these opposition protests are in a just a mess as the president was democratically elected as egypt when this is a why something security crisis many citizens are reaching out to private security firms to secure their homes and businesses i spoke to various who are gearing up to protest who say they expect violence and this is something that they really fear in the shadow of the brick. building then december is preparing for the expected finance between supporters and opponents of the egyptian president on sunday somebody says he has already fortified his small shop just of tires to his square with sheets of. would you say we got them in my kiosk has been robbed and destroyed a few times in previous clown shoes i'm going to vacate my shop as i'm afraid of what is going to happen in the violence i don't want to lose everything. with the police taking a back seat those who can afford it
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a reached. out to private security firms like this one general manager a formal high ranking police officer but the way at the white hip says his company is preparing for the west as protesters demand the resignation of missing brother had president mohamed morsi there. on june thirtieth there may be violence between the opposition forces and the islamists so we're sending more people to the places were guarding we're giving our staff and clients special training and information how they can secure their premises and how they deal with clashes. companies like these are plugging the gaps amid a deepening security crisis across the country lynchings are on the rise the latest brutal mob killing happened just a few days ago near the capital civilians are increasingly armed and protests are becoming more violent as citizens bring guns to clashes leaving many to fear for their deaths analysts say the breakdown of security is because citizens no longer
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feta police has been accused of being reluctant to provide security they also blame the government which has failed to confront the interior ministry they are responsible for the bigger their full of law and order if they don't take the necessary steps to fix it they may want to they may wish to but if they're not actually solving it the buck stops at their door they will find a very difficult to get the ministry of interior to reform after the police services to reform. precisely because inside the police force inside the ministry of interior there are so many people that are really quite opposed to the muslim brotherhood instead of promising change president morsi played with fire in his wednesday speech to the nation praising the police and thanking them for their work with violence on the horizon many will be forced to attend egypt's new thriving private security industry to protect their own homes and businesses. kyra. a group of secular leaning deputies have resigned from egypt's acting parliament in
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support of the opposition rallies side sadik from the american university in cairo believes another uprising could be imminent as it isn't this president hasn't delivered on his promises the president one is not the all knowing the objectives of the evolution two he was to salute the thing his own group at the expense of the national interests of the country and who do think that if it's the book it's the remain silent until it is still in school use egypt could become. actual money also then there are looking fields that would be there gyptian evolution is going to be hijacked like what happened in the reagan revolution islamists who wanted the society to sleep and stay put and do not intervene and lives in what do you want the who on the upswing is about pouring into account the government and not be feared you have to call the account the president because of the one you need to
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deliver what people expect. in the program leaving the battlefield it may not be that easy for u.k. to withdraw one of its troops in afghanistan without the taliban's permission details on the british prime minister's unexpected visit to the country later plus . it's a bloody conflict syria passes into war point atrocities are becoming commonplace and examine what led to the shocking a public execution of some recent assets. president obama received a frosty reception from some quarters on the second leg of his three nation africa top ranking protests erupting over a u.s. drone attacks on america's failure to close guantanamo bay prison will stun grenades and one shot so far it is right he's trying to disperse crowds of countries not just a few times but it's drawing demonstrations in pretoria and town as well where can
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a to africa has been severely cut washington has stepped up military operations on the continent u.s. officials say the president's tour is supposed to prevent vestment and strengthen africa's democratic institutions so they from the south african that communist party takes a different view. we feel that they express our programs on the african continent for instance they stop which meant of the africa command in djibouti. it's an indication of where u.s. interest on the kind of good clinton we want him to stop that and also. bases all over the way that the u.s. has court in order that you can have. well it's kind of diplomatic relations as well as trade missions we're not the sort of little poles through a system where the government gauge with us on trade relations what usa they must be cautious about this because this is this huge imbalance between us in the us and
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particularly noting that the us has more than ten times the g.d.p. of the african continent so this is. actually writes to a democratic dispensation on the continent development that many africans have made me sick to choose for themselves. british prime minister david cameron has made a surprise trip to visit troops in afghanistan and travel to the u.k.'s largest military base in the country where he pledged a permanent memorial to the british service personnel who lost their lives in the conflict camp bastion was recently revealed to be holding almost one hundred afghan detainees often without charge one journalist and blogger said bags as it's damage limitation exercise i think it's a kind of saving face for the west now they've clearly lost a funny stone they can't leave they cannot withdraw the equipment they cannot withdraw the troops without the taliban. so if the taliban agree that they can
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leave without being fired upon right now the west is trying to save face they're leaving with their tail tucked between their legs and you know they could have negotiated from the very start but i think the u.k. wants to follow america's disastrous policy disastrous war in sharp understand it's been over ten years and where are we in the same place the taliban are still strong . still operating in the region and the only thing the west has money should do is lose thousands of lives and spend billions of dollars. we have more stories for you on our website seeing clearly doing what's the connection between coke and rescue operations that's what you don't come to read more on the creation of cyber kris's could help to locate survivors not disaster sites. or a prison sentence
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a man who scribbled slogans in chalk in america's streets faces decades in jail twenty dot com for the full story there. of brutal violence and actually carried out by a group of syrian rebel fighters and stood outrage on the very fired video posted on the internet shows the beheading of three men you may find the following images disturbing footage purports to show supporters of president assad being decapitated with a knife and children are among the crowd of onlookers comes just days after american media santino unnamed officials. as we come to on the syrian rebels auntie's are necessary looks at the possible ramifications. of bloody conflict raging on for over two years violence to get the syrian president to step down versus more violence from a leader refusing to do so at least ninety thousand lives taken and counting from
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the get go washington supported the opposition the u.s. is making a terrible mistake in giving this undifferentiated very. over simplified black and white picture that the rebel opposition really good guys and assad is the bad guy it's a very very dangerous state. dangerous because the opposition is not even close to being a unified political force in reality made up of an array of groups. the free syrian army is a network of thousands of militias and maybe they come up to about eighty thousand people what's scary is how many of these people want you know an extremist government and i think it's more you know it's at least half horrific videos such as this one have shown that in the uprising the enemy can not only be killed but. there's ten thousand fighters with al nusra front which is al qaeda in iraq reconstituted in syria they might as well call themselves al qaeda in syria but you
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know they want to rebrand while the west and russia remain at odds on where u.s. support of the opposition could lead. washington has its mind set on providing vetted groups of rebels with small arms and ammunition they're deluding themselves they think that they can cherry pick which factions of the opposition to support but somehow or other we can control the flow of weapons because we give them only to select people. many experts indicate that american politicians are kidding themselves if they think the arms flow can ever be managed and this question of how to give arms to one group but keep them out of the hands of another can likely never be answered i don't know if i've even heard a clear and unambiguous answer. to the obama administration or any foreign policy on about where those weapons are going and how we can actually secure the fact that they're going into the right hands but you know who are the
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right hand be that russia which has been sending arms to the assad government under a contract that began before the violence says that the united states arming the diversified opposition would kill not only more people but any hope for a peace settlement potentially turning the syrian crisis into never ending chaos like of again a step even if assad is pushed out after years of bloodshed there are no assurances that his departure will bring peace moreover of the us goes ahead with any shape or form of involvement in syria which the opposition would embrace the tide could turn much quicker than american officials may desire loyalties are temporary and guns and weapons like diamonds are forever so today they may be your friend and tomorrow they're pointing to the stinger at you receive the seal that as many as seventy percent of americans want us to stay away from syria let. them out after a decade of warfare in the middle east some while all summer rain pouring oil into
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the fire from left to right it might be high time you want to rethink it. that's it you're going to see. more world news in brief now thousands have gathered in tahrir square istanbul mounting justice for protesters shot by police during riots that's what turkey wanted to report twenty people were arrested people also vented their anger over the release of a policeman from custody pending trial for killing an activist in the capital ankara turkey has witnessed almost a month of on rest after a city in against a government redevelopment plan for busy all can this be broken up. at least eleven people have died in a series of bombs and shootings across iraq explosions occurred near an outdoor market or not a cafe in different areas of baghdad if you're attackers killed three off duty police officers in a drive by shooting rock is in the midst of a deadly wave of violence with sectarian chart bloodshed could continue to escalate
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over two thousand people have been killed by attacks and fighting in iraq since the start of going from. and then to rise explosive device has been detonated underneath a parked car in a residential area in the city of spokane in the u.s. there were no reported injuries from the blast explosion damage the vehicle as well as surrounding cars f.b.o. is investigating the case. a seventeen year old boy is been sentenced to a year in jail in bahrain for insulting the king of the gulf states the punishment comes after comments sorry i'll show from a down the social media website he denies any links to the twitter account from where the post made it's not the first time are any authority is a crackdown on critics of the morning rights activist and the rajab is having a three year sentence for inciting protests through online tweets. two police officers have been killed and up to seventeen injured in clashes with
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militants in russia's north caucasus republic of chechnya one of the police officers died at the scene while the other was pronounced dead as he was being transferred to hospital according to the interior ministry that crashes occurred in the public's sudden shock to a region during a police antiterrorism operation security forces in the region are on high alert ahead of the twenty fourteen winter olympics due to take place in the resort city of sochi situated close to the north caucasus. coming up technology updates discoveries in a. russian medical science stuff the brakes think. what happened to the arab spring dream does egypt's first freely elected president bring any change fear poverty economic failure and violence related to egypt's
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